In and out of lockdown, in and out of shape
In and out of lockdown, in and out of shape

In and out of lockdown, in and out of shape

Pandemic aside (we don’t want to get into that right now because it could take a while), these last years’ lockdowns made it quite difficult to enjoy everyday life. Social distancing has proven to be a real pain in the “flower” and never has it been more challenging than now to take care of our bodies and minds.


Experience, however, has taught me that every challenge can also be a wonderful opportunity. It is in difficult times that we are able to transform our existence and learn to appreciate ourselves and others. And since we have to spend a great deal of time with ourselves these days, we might as well spend it wisely.


So, first things first. Take a good look in the mirror. What do you see? How do you feel? Before you start being mean to yourself, let me tell you: you are beautiful! Only if you appreciate and love yourself for the way you are you can start being positively and constructively critical and look for the things you want to improve.


apple measuring tapeOne of the most discussed topics among friends and family, especially at the beginning of the pandemic when outdoor activities were extremely limited, was how to lose weight and get back into shape. Interestingly enough, I discovered that many people have wrong assumptions when it comes to food or types of training. Of course, with a good and healthy diet and some physical activity you are already halfway there. But if you have specific goals (to lose weight, gain strength or increase your flexibility) your diet and training should also be specific. To this end, before you start with your fitness journey, it is important to choose the right training and diet. Otherwise, your nutrition and training programme will be less effective and you might get frustrated and lose motivation.


How to lose weight: the basics

Essentially, the more you sweat, the more fat gets burned. So, whatever training allows you to do that is perfect to lose some weight. If you are new to a specific training or to any sort of training, be gentle and don’t rush it. Your body needs to get used to a new activity and if you don’t give it enough time you might get hurt. So, start small, learn the movements and how your body reacts to them and once you feel strong and in control, increase the training.

And now, let’s take a look at the different types of training that allow you to lose weight, starting from swimming.



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