Are you a curious person? Are you fascinated by people, places and their stories?

If your answer is yes!, being you can be quite fun: you learn, you share, you excite and get excited in return. Sometimes, however, it can be tiresome to have so many things going on in your life and you might feel lost.

Fortunately for you, your curiosity has brought you to the right place!

Here you can find a fresh flash of inspiration and set the creative mind back into motion. Through my own experiences as a professional trainer, singer-songwriter, actress and so much more, soundslikesophia not only presents my story but it also invites you to unlock your inner potential and unleash your most burning desires.

How does it sound?

Well, it most certainly sounds like me, Sophia!

Latest Posts

Latest Posts

Witches! Part 2 – Where to find them

If you think that this post is about where to find REAL witches, well, I totally get you, I’ve been waiting for my Hogwarts letter... Read More "Witches! Part 2 – Where to find them"

Witches! Part 1 – An introduction

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Start your first KEFIR drink

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Types of training

Types of training

The cooldown: Yin Yoga

Regardless of your training, it is extremely important that you stretch a... Read More "The cooldown: Yin Yoga"

Types of training: Cycling

If you do not enjoy running or swimming, then cycling will do.... Read More "Types of training: Cycling"

Types of training: Running

Running is, of course, your best (and cheapest) option if everything else... Read More "Types of training: Running"

Types of training: Swimming

My all-time favourite sport, which allows you to build strength, lose weight... Read More "Types of training: Swimming"

In and out of lockdown, in and out of shape

Pandemic aside (we don’t want to get into that right now because it could take a while), these last years’ lockdowns made it quite difficult … Read More "In and out of lockdown, in and out of shape"