Types of training: Swimming
Types of training: Swimming

Types of training: Swimming

sophia swimmingMy all-time favourite sport, which allows you to build strength, lose weight and be in your best shape is swimming.

Not only is swimming an all-round sport where every muscle of your body is being activated, but it is also the safest sport in case you have had injuries or are experiencing some sort of back pain.

To burn calories, I advise training 2 to 4 times a week according to your level, possibly not in sequence but with at least one rest day in between and for at least 45 mins (if you are totally new to swimming take all the breaks you need, but keep the 45 mins). If you train in a swimming pool that allows you to use swimming gears (flippers, board, paddles), please do! It may look scary in the beginning but it makes swimming much more fun! Also, if you can, try different swimming styles so that your body can feel the benefit of each one of them.

And if you want to refresh your swimming skills or want a more specific training, feel free to contact me for a private lesson!

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