The cooldown: Yin Yoga
The cooldown: Yin Yoga

The cooldown: Yin Yoga

Regardless of your training, it is extremely important that you stretch a lot after each session, otherwise all of the tension built during the training won’t be released and your muscles will stay sore.

If you don’t have time right after your training, no worries, stretch on your break days.

If you do have time and want a more intensive and deeper stretch, try Yin-Yoga. I came across Yin-Yoga only a few years ago and let me tell you my, what a benefit!


–> Here a few Boho Beautiful videos I recommend:

“Yin Yoga Class: Best Yoga For Slow Deep Muscle Release”


“Post Workout Yoga: 30 Min Yoga For Tight & Sore Hips, Glutes, Hamstrings, & Quads”


“Yin Yoga For Upper Body”


And now, wait for my next post on how to choose the right diet according to your favourite training.

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